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Illustrate wildlife

for conservation and education.

Any donations are welcomed.

Van Wangye Shiming, born in 1981 a sickly child, art had always been a good friend, a companion with me. Despite being graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore majoring in publishing co illustration. He's wildlife arts is purely self-taught. Been working in the creative industry since 2000.


He got his first job as a wildlife illustrator through an agency he worked fulltime for Sea Shepherd Singapore during 2009. He never thought of using his arts to go fulltime for conservation. Its was somewhere between 2013-2014, he was encouraged and pushed by friends into the field.

Eversince, he was able to work with many project around the world. Most of his works are realistic mixed media painting. Able to lead artists around the world in group collaborated works. He hopes his work will help further the efforts of wildlife conservation locally in Singapore and overseas.




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